Parish News and Current Events

Sunday, December 16: Advent III: Holy Eucharist I, 8 am; Holy Eucharist II, 10 am; Pageant Rehearsal, 11- 11:45 am, Sanctuary; Christmas Dinner, Parish Hall, 5 pm

Monday, December 17: Staff Meeting, 9:30 am; Novice Choir, 3:15 pm; Choristers, 4 pm

Tuesday, December 18: Vestry Meeting, 6:30 pm

Wednesday, December 19: Centering Prayer, 10:30 am; Choristers, 7 pm; Adult Choir, 7:15 pm

Thursday, December 20: CCNS Christmas Chapel, 10 am

Saturday, December 22: Choir Rehearsal, 8:30 am; Pageant Rehearsal, 10 - 12: 30, Parish Hall; Altar Guild Decorates; Soul Food, Saturday Church, 5 pm

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Where in the world in the Christ's Church Choir?

Posted by Mary McCarthy on OA10er @ 10:48 AM

We welcome back our choir from their amazing trip to Winchester, Rye, Canterbury and Truro! (And, as you can see, they made a few other stops along the way!)

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