Hope House                            

Andrea Kocsis, LCSW, Executive Director
100 Abendroth Ave.
Port Chester, NY 10573


Located in downtown Port Chester, New York and drawing members from the entire region, HOPE House provides a place where those recovering from mental illness can find the support and resources needed to allow them to more fully pursue their goals and dreams.

The clubhouse program of HOPE House focuses on the abilities and talents of its members. Together, members and staff operate the club which is open five days a week, nine to five, and evenings and weekends for special events. HOPE House is modeled after Fountain House in New York City whose pioneering concept and philosophy has since been replicated around the world. HOPE House is also a member of the International Center for Clubhouse Development (ICCD), an organization dedicated to expanding the Clubhouse movement worldwide.

For more information contactHolly Simmons at hollysimmons23@gmail.com.