Here at Christ's Church we intentionally integrate our youth in grades nine through twelve into the regular work and worship of the church. They work with the Sunday School, either as teachers or assistants, many on a weekly basis. They have long served as Acolytes but now also act as Ushers and as Lectors, proclaiming God's word from the Lectern in the 10 am service. Our youth are also active in Service Projects; volunteering once a month at the Caritas Food Pantry in Portchester, cooking and serving for the Carver Center’s Dinner at Noon, and joining with the church of St. Peter's in Portchester to pack bags of food for those in need at Thanksgiving.

This is the Christ's Church youth program; a program that is not, in fact, a program or a group, separate from and functioning independently outside the activities of the church. It is inclusive and embracing; pulling and wrapping and welcoming our young people as full participants in the every day worship, work, fellowship and mission that is that of Christ's Church Rye.